Scrubs in Home Care

There has always been a debate in home health care about uniforms vs. wearing street clothes for safety measures as well as ease of care. One of the biggest arguments against street clothes is enforcing a professional look or dress code. Remember, you represent your company when you go out to see your patients. You also represent yourself as a professional. 

In making home visits, there is also the personal factor. Some of the homes you visit are less than ideal. How many times have you experienced the need to go straight home and shower for an hour, scouring every inch of your body before you can stop itching or imagining things crawling all over you?!! We've all been there-- or will have been there before your home care career is over.

Scrubs offer a great option. They are professional and yet commonplace enough not to draw undue attention to you in the community as you get to your patient's homes. They can be laundered in strong detergents and hot water, and unlike your nice personal attire, not be ruined. 

One of the best things I've discovered from our previous sponsor, Blue Sky Scrubs, is that they offer custom made scrubs. One size doesn't always fit each of us just right. But scrubs can offer comfort, professionalism and ease of movement. In home care that can be a life saver in trying to be comfortable and safe in providing care. 

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